Top Menu and Button Bar

We describe the functionality of the button bar and the top menu. In many cases the options are only placeholders for functionality to be added later. We will update this document as these options are implemented.

Button Bar

There are currently 4 buttons in the bar under the menu bar. They are, going from left to right:

The + button
Will add a new session.
The Floppy Disk button
Will save the current session.
The Round Arrow button
Will reload the current session, not currently implemented.
The Thrash Can button
Will delete the current session.

File Tree Context Menu

Many operations on the session are available by right-clicking on one or many sessions or packages (but not both) in the session tree. Note that some of the operation described below will not be available for built-in sessions.

Available options for packages:

New -> Session
Create a new session that will be located in this package, unless the user specifies a different package later on.
New -> package
Create a new package under this package. It can be more than one package, separated with dots.
Can apply to multiple package selection. Delete the package(s) and all the contained sessions.

Available options for Sessions:’

Load a session in a new tab.
Make a copy of the selected session.
Delete the session.
Reload a session, discarding all changes. (Not yet implemented.)
Rename a session.