Solver SelectionΒΆ

The solver is the program that will perform a simulation based on the model defined in the model tab.

The solver configuration is done in the tab labeled Sim: Methods, as illustrated below. Although it may look like the name field indicates more than one choice of solvers, there is in fact only one option for each type of model. For Ordinary Differential Equations the Sundials Solver solver is used, while for Delayed Differential Equations we utilize the method implemented by Sambine and Thompson.


Note that this step is not required, as DEDiscover will assign a default solver based on the model. However a user may want to adjust some of the control parameters on this page. Otherwise the default values are used.

Older versions of DEDiscover used different solvers for Ordinary Differential Equations, hence the option list for the solver name. We can not rule out adding other solver options in the future.