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DEDiscover is workflow-based differential equation modeling software for scientists, statisticians and modelers. It was developed at the Center for Biodefense Immune Modeling (CBIM) of the University of Rochester with grants from the NIH and the NIAID.

Although DEDiscover was designed to assist in research in Immunology, it is a general purpose tool to perform simulation, parameter estimation and statistical analysis for any problem that can be expressed as a set of differential equations. It allows researcher to define the equations in a syntax which resembles what ones expects to find in a textbook or a research paper.

DEDiscover is written in C++ and Java. Earlier versions required to have the R statistical package installed in order to perform the two-step estimation. However this is no longer necessary for version 2.10 or later. DEDiscover can be downloaded freely and there are Mac and Windows versions available. Linux versions are available on request.

The source code is also available on request.


DEDiscover is an open source software built using other open source packages, as well as commercial packages for which we have obtained permission for use freely in DEDiscover. Here is a partial list:

JIDE Software
Java framework for GUI design
A C++ Math parser library
A collection of general purpose and specialized C++ libraries
A C++ library for creating and manipulating Zip archives.
Professional on the Web
Listing services and business portfolios.
A Java package for Editing HTML inside a Java GUI. (Page in German.)
SUite of Nonlinear and DIfferential/ALgebraic equation Solvers